10.3/ NFCT: Side Gallery Artist — Bridget Elkin Photographs, October 13 / April, 2017



North Fork Community Theatre’s Side Gallery Artist:

Bridget Elkin’s Photographs


“Feet On The Ground, Head In The Sky” 


During her early childhood Bridget and her family moved often, living in 4 different states by the time she was 11. While each move brought new adventures, Long Island remained home as the family would spend each summer with grandparents on the North Fork. After graduating, she spent the next 7 years living in Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York while working in the fashion industry. With the lure of being surrounded by water and beautiful landscapes year round Bridget and her husband Eric relocated to the North Fork in 2015 to pursue their life long passions for photography and wine.  

Bridget’s NFCT exhibit “Feet on the Ground, Head in the Sky” will include photographs of Long Island’s East End from aerial and ground level perspectives beginning October 13 through April 2017!

Check out more from Bridget at www.elkincreative.com or follow her work on Instagram @northforkgrown!




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