3.14/ HIFF: Gray’s Anatomy & Heavenly Creatures, March 19 & 26




(HIFF 1996) March 19, 6:00pm, Bay Street Theater

In 1996, director Steven Soderbergh and master monologuist Spalding Gray joined forces to create an original, charming and witty examination of Gray’s rare ocular condition called a “pucker.” 

The consummate raconteur, Gray’s slightly morbid, highly neurotic testimonial combined with Soderbergh’s irreverent, delicate touch, make GRAY’S ANATOMY both funny and riveting. 

Special Guest: Executive Producer Kathie Russo

Tickets on sale now



(HIFF 1994) March 26, 6:00pm, Bay Street Theater

One of Peter Jackson‘s earliest films (well before THE LORD OF THE RINGS), is a startling, original work starring (a very young) Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey*.

HEAVENLY CREATURES recounts the bizarre, true-life tale of two teens convicted of brutally murdering one of their mothers in 1954. The film blends fantasy, dark humor and history in its disturbing view of dysfunctional family life and overheated schoolgirl passion. Tickets on sale now.

 (*Lynskey’s latest film I DON’T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE recently won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize!)




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