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Become a Member of Hallockville Museum Farm

You make our work possible. Thank you. 


How your support makes all the difference…


Hallockville @ 220 23666Hallockville offers each year a robust set of activites including classes, events, and other programming related to our mission of connecting the community with our shared agricultural and rural heritage. But we can only do this important work with the support of members like you!  The fact is that the museum farm relies on the generosity of members and so your continued interest in Hallockville is essential and appreciated.

Besides financial support, members contribute to Hallockville by volunteering time and talent. Hallockville members are the driving force of the organization and we value your continued efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out your membership application. All membership level information is accessible by clicking where indicated below.  It means a lot to the museum farm and what we do for the community. I’m looking forward to seeing you at Hallockville this season!

See you on the Farm,

Herb Strobel

Executive Director

Become a Member online; it’s quick, it’s easy AND it’s green! Click Here




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