9.1/ Architecture Omi: ReActor, by Schweder + Shelley, Upcoming Performances


Architecture Omi’s ReActor, by Alex Schweder + Ward Shelley

Click below for a timelapse of their 5-day performance back in July:


ReActor is the newest work in an experimental, performative series of “social relationship architecture” by internationally renowned architect-artist team Alex Schweder + Ward Shelley.  Located in Architecture Omi’s Field 01, 

ReActor is a habitable sculpture, where Schweder + Shelley will live in full view of their audience for a series of performances throughout the season. 

The artist/architect duo will return for a special appearance on

September 24-25, and again for a five-day performance from

October 6-10. Free and open to the public.



Omi International Arts Center | 1405 County Route 22 Ghent NY | www.artomi.org


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