9.6/ Sag Harbor Whaling Museum: ‘The Five Wives of Capt. Hand’ — Oct 7 / 31

Work by Sabina Streeter, Designed by Cerstin Schoenfeld



“The Five Wives of Captain Hand:

A Maritime Melodrama by Artist Sabina Streeter”


Opening Reception October 7, 2017 6pm to 8pm

Exhibit runs till October 31, 2017, 10am to 5pm


The Five Wives of Captain Hand: A Maritime Mystery  


Captain David Hand VI; celebrated Revolutionary war hero, shore whaling captain, and real-life inspiration for James Fenimore Cooper’s great American saga, the Leather Stocking Tales, had a colorful and mysterious life. 

A prisoner of war five times before the age of twenty, Captain Hand was nicknamed “Slippery Dave” for his numerous escapes from British prison-ships. After the war, Hand returned to his beloved cottage on Church Street in Sag Harbor and began a career as a shore whaler – but the controversy continued. 

Captain David Hand was married five times – four of his young wives died mysteriously one after the other, only one wife outlived him. 

Today, Captain Hand and his five wives remain buried in the Oakland cemetery, with epitaphs that haunt and stir the imagination. 

The Five Wives of Captain Hand: A Maritime Mystery presents artist Sabina Streeter’s historical reinterpretation of the infamous Captain David Hand and his five unfortunate wives.


More information on the summer calendar of events:


Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum

200 Main Street, Sag Harbor


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