Art Omi Architecture: ‘Zoid’ by LevenBetts / July 14 Preview

Art Omi: Architecture Announces July 14
Preview of Zoid by LevenBetts

On Saturday, July 14, Art Omi: Architecture presents a preview of the Zoid, the latest pavilion to be included in Architecture Field 01. Zoid is a project Manhattan-based architecture firm LevenBetts. The preview offers a glimpse of the work-in-progress in advance of the inauguration of the two-year installation in the Architecture Fields on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

Zoid is an architect’s artwork: a shelter made of six equal repeated shapes—volumetric right trapezoids—that enclose an open courtyard. Zoid posits a way of living—somewhere between a house and a campsite—focused on basic elements needed to live in the world. The shelter, able to be entered from all apertures, challenges formal hierarchies in culturally preconceived notions of the house. Both a stripped down shelter and a “proto-proto-type” for an affordable house, Zoid is designed to prioritize nature and the collective engagement with others.

The idea of (and name) “zoid” comes from an on-going geometric study in the architecture practice of LevenBetts, centered around an asymmetical trapezoidal shape. Innovating with the formal and perceptual potentials of this simple form at various scales, LevenBetts has produced gallery installations in New York, public seating in the Miami Design District, a house in Hudson, NY, and now a shelter at Art Omi.

Since Zoid’s ultimate objective is to be a holistic collective living environment, the study of the architecture is just one component of the whole. Light, the experience of the interior, a reductive approach to furniture and materials are also part of the piece. Affordability and habitabilty will be the ultimate goal of zoid as both a shelter and as a house. As such the project intends to recast the material production of socially just living space. The current iteration of Zoid, a shelter for an architecture and arts venue, instigates an environment for collectivity, individuality and a basic experience of shelter that engages with the other pieces in the immediate vicinity of the collection.


David Leven and Stella Betts are architects and artists who have a long tradition working together and separately in the arts. Together they have made spaces for the display of art and have created work for arts exhibitions. They started their New York City-based award winning architecture practice, LevenBetts in 1997 and focus on art and design at all scales including urban design, public architecture, houses and housing, commercial workspaces, exhibitions and furniture. LevenBetts is nationally and internationally recognized through publication and awards.


Art Omi: Architecture 

The Art Omi: Architecture program is conceived to facilitate projects exploring the intersection of architecture, art and landscape by architects. Nestled within the campus of Art Omi, this program offers pristine, 60-acre fields designated to cultivate the production of physical structures such as pavilions, installations, landscape interventions, and constructed environments. In addition, the program encourages the integration of all varieties of related media, ideas, propositions and curated exhibitions in a landscaped setting. Since January 2016, Manhattan-based architect Warren James has served as Director of Art Omi: Architecture.


Art Omi

Art Omi is a not-for-profit arts organization offering world-class public exhibitions, arts events, education programming, and international residency programs for visual artists, writers, translators, musicians, and dancers. Art Omi: The Fields Sculpture Park presents the works of internationally recognized contemporary and modern artists, offering the unique possibility to experience a wide range of large-scale works in a singular outdoor environment. More information at



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