East End Arts: President’s Letter — URGENT — Donate to Meet Short-Term Goal

President’s Letter

December 2018


East End Arts Needs Your Help Now

In my letter to you in October, I discussed the changes in staffing and business practices underway to make East End Arts sustainable. Those continue, and we have successfully demonstrated East End Arts can operate with a modest net income, confirmed by our recent audit which will be released shortly for our fiscal year ending August 31, 2018. We have ended some programs and curtailed operations as many of you have undoubtedly observed – changes in staff and board composition made that happen.
However, as also mentioned in my October letter, our legacy contains several years of operations in which the organization lost money and incurred debt of approximately $150,000. This debt is currently consuming cash that would otherwise be directed to stabilize our programming and financial posture by establishing a reserve fund, something all sustainable and successful non-profit organizations have. In short, it is threatening the short-term survivability of East End Arts. East End Arts needs your gift now.
Please join me and fellow board members in giving our staff and new Executive Director the runway needed to make East End Arts sustainable and debt free, particularly as we are on the cusp of significant changes to downtown Riverhead that will undoubtedly further reinforce our combined efforts and commitment.
Our short-term goal is to raise $50,000 by year end and we are just over one-third of the way there. Our goal over the next seven months is to raise $150,000, eliminate debt and embark on a five-year strategic plan. That will not be possible without your support. If you are considering a donation, please do that today! If you have recently pledged or indicated financial support would be forthcoming, please take the time now to fulfill that by mailing your check, or donating via eastendarts.org.
I, my Board Colleagues and all of you with whom I have had the pleasure to meet understand a part of our legacy in the community is the support provided to individual musicians and artists who have pursued a working career in their discipline. Many of us also believe East End Arts is an important incubator of creativity, life-long learning and entrepreneurship for the broader community on the East End.
We need your financial support in seeing this valuable community resource is not lost.
Thank you for your time and continued support.
 John McLane
Board President, East End Arts
Thank you for your support!


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