Hallockville Museum Farm: Donate to Annual Appeal

Nearly 100 years ago, Miss Bessie Hallock used her brownie camera to capture life on the farm as she knew it. These beautiful images of Hallockville show us that although times have changed we are still carrying on the traditions of Long Island’s agricultural heritage…only with your help and support can we continue that work…
One of the joys of working at the Museum Farm over the last 10 years has been seeing how things seemingly change and yet stay the same. It’s true that buildings are altered from time to time—the Hudson-Sydlowski House got a much needed new roof—and that educational displays are created—the Long Island Potato exhibit is now in the Hallock Homestead Barn. But something that does not change is how people engage with Hallockville. Just take a look at the pictures in this message! Even though the black and white photos show scenes from 100 years ago, they really aren’t different from the color photos of now! And while few of Hallockville’s present-day visitors live on farms, all the pictures show the vibrancy of our mission that you are actively helping us achieve—re-connecting the community to our shared agricultural and rural heritage.
None of what Hallockville has done in the past year—repairing the Hudson-Sydlowski House roof, developing a potato exhibit, having seven weeks of summer camp, or offering dozens of hands-on craft workshops and engaging lectures to hundreds of participants—would have been possible without your support. It’s worth remembering that the Museum Farm is not a State, County, or Town facility—we exist only because of your support! With your continued contributions, I am confident that new photos, connections, and memories will be created in 2019 that will be viewed fondly 100 years from now. 
Hallockville supporters have a lot to be proud of and I thank you for continuing to invest in the Museum Farm. Would you please give generously so that we can continue to share traditions, honor the land and celebrate history in 2019 and beyond?
With gratitude,
Herb Strobel
Executive Director
Hallockville Museum Farm
Above Left: Bingo, the Hallock’s pet sheep, gets a treat. Above Right: Jamaica, one of Hallockville Museum Farm’s sheep ambassadors peeks out the fence…hoping for a treat!




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