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In late-March our neighbor’s landscape contractors cut down our hedgerow that runs along our western property line in anticipation of building a new house. The destroyed land adds up to over .25 acres–not an unimportant square footage. To date they have not made reparations despite our efforts to present reasonable solutions. The New York Times even picked up on this most remarkable of land grab stories, read it here if you haven’t already. 

If you would like to contribute to the hedgerow fund please consider doing so here.




Join us for the 3rd Biennial Shakespeare In The Garden performance. Touring from the UK’s University of Durham, Castle Theatre Company presents one of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies: ‘Twelfth Night’. Following a shipwreck, Viola is separated from her twin brother Sebastian. Disguising herself as a young boy she becomes a messenger between the local duke Orsino and the wealthy heiress he loves, Olivia. As the two nobles begin to fall in love with this mysterious ‘boy’, the other members of Olivia’s household compete for her hand in marriage (and huge fortune!). Enter Sebastian, Viola’s long lost identical twin, and chaos quickly ensues…


Dates: September 13 and 14 at 4:30 PM
Non-Member Fee:$30
Member Fee: $25
Seating is limited




What better way to close our garden season than with a sunset party at Madoo? Come join us for a glass of wine and a stroll around the garden. It’s yet another benefit of membership! Our way of saying thank you for supporting us this year. We’ll also have a preview of gifts for our Holiday Market that can be pre-ordered for pain-free holiday shopping!
Join or renew your membership to Madoo HERE.

Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018
Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Member Fee: Free
Non-member Fee:$40.00



Last year we were justly proud of our accomplishments restoring the summer house and studio. This summer we have begun to see the benefits of our wonderful new space. We’ve held art classes for the campers of the Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreation Center, The Rolston Quartet from Montreal performed as part of the free pop-up concerts of the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival, and just two weeks ago we had our first film screening. In conjunction with the Hamptons International Film Festival we showed 5 Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf. All of this programming is due to your support of Madoo.

In several areas we have been working on bringing back land conservation and stewardship back into our mission. We’ve brought quite a bit of attention to the importance of natural hedgerows in our community; they offer food for all sort for animals and insects and are great wildlife corridors. What many don’t know about is the new farm garden we helped build at the Sagaponack School down the street. When they called and asked for help I immediately said yes! I remember growing Punch ‘n’ Grow tomatoes and peppers as a very young boy and how that opened my eyes up to the natural world. With this project we’re making sure a new generation has a similar experience.
All best for a wonderful September,

Alejandro Saralegui

Photo by Georgia Oetker  




AAQ Resource: Lear + Mahoney Landscape Architecture 








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