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Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center presents:

American Values Film Series

December 2017 – Spring 2018
To give back to the community, the Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center (SHCAC) is pleased to announce AMERICAN VALUES, the first of a series of programming initiatives that will occur through the next phase of our collective effort, until the reconstructed the Cinema is ready to operate in its new, state of the art home.
Screenings and Q&As are being organized in partnership with local arts institutions throughout the East End. The program’s debut was held one week before the anniversary of the fire that destroyed the cinema in the heart of Sag Harbor, at Pierson High School. All screenings are free to the public. 

The program’s theme is American Values. These 10 films are dedicated to identifying, celebrating, exploring, and at times challenging what it means to be an American and what American values look like in action, values exist independent of our political system and which are an important source of inspiration for individuals and communities. The series will span 1940s classics to today, including documentaries and fiction, studio productions and independent films, Oscar nominated tittles as well as lesser known ones. 

Each film is followed by an in-depth discussion with a presenting guest and Q&A with the audience. Several members of the Cinema Advisory Board as well as other artists have agreed to select a film and to introduce it. Among them: Julie Andrews, after the screening of The Americanization of Emily,  Oscar-nominated screenwriter Alec Sokolow will join us for a screening of his animated feature Toy Story, Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein will appear for All the Presidents MenChris Hegedus and DA Pennebaker discussed Town Bloody Hall, their documentary on the legendary match between Germane Greer and Norman Mailer;  Oscar winning director Rob Marshall and producer John De Luca will discuss Chicago.  And French Connection and The Exorcist director William Friedkin will introduce by Skype from Los Angeles his very first film, the rarely screened documentary The People Versus Paul Crump. Also featured will be artist/musician Laurie Anderson, joining in a conversation after the screening of Mary Harron’s adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho Music composer Carter Burwell opened the series, on December 10th  with the Coen brothers’ western True Grit.  

The series, running through the 2017/2018 winter season into the spring, will be the first of many initiatives that the Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Canter plans to organize between now and the unveiling of the new building. Beside Pierson, American Values screenings will also be held at the Ross School, at  Guild Hall in East Hampton and at the Southampton Arts Center in Southampton.

The next film of the series will be Toy Story, December 23rd at 2pm, at Pierson High School‘s auditorium followed by a Q&A with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Alec Sokolow. For updates, go to our website,

Toy Story

Creating an entire universe out of a couple of kid’s bedrooms, a gas station, and a stretch of suburban highway, this Pixar masterpiece tells the story of a group of toys’ epic adventure. It is the first computer animated feature ever made and John Lasseter’s directing debut, with a famous score by Randy Newman and a script that is snappy and inventive, with a note of subversive humor sharpening its sweet charm.
Andy’s toys come to life when the boy and his family are not watching. The leader of the pack is Sheriff Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) until newcomer Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) shows up as a birthday present and threatens his “favorite toy” status. A technological marvel, beloved both by children and adults – like Walt Disney and his animators (all inspirations for the Pixar group) knew how to make. Late critic Roger Ebert described it as “a visionary roller coaster ride of a movie”. Richard Corliss, of Time magazine called it “the year most inventive comedy of the year”.
Alec Sokolow has worn many hats in his writing career. Contributor to National Lampoon Magazine, staff writer and segment producer on The Late Show (1987), The Wilton North Report(1988) and The Arsenio Hall Show (1988-89). Writer & Co-Writer of feature films Toy Story, (Academy Award nomination for screenwriting), Evan Almighty, Money Talks, Cheaper By the Dozen, and Garfield, and of one musical play, Monkey Love, and of a children’s book, The Outcastics, and even writer and director of a low budget monster musical, Frankenstein Sings! He recently produced the documentary “I Am Jane Doe” and directed his first animated short, I Am Little Red.
 Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan interviewing DA Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus,  December 17, 2017, Pierson High School auditorium Photo Credit: April Gornik 

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