Southold Historical Society: ‘A Visual Essay: History of Wine Industry’ / Roundtable, Jan 17

History of the Wine Industry on Long Island’s East End: 

A Visual Essay


What are your earliest memories of the East End’s wineries?  Were you here when the first vines were planted? What impact do you think the Wine Industry has had on East End’s culture?  How do people from our community work together to make this thriving industry possible? Where do you see Long Island’s Wine Industry progressing in the future?

Join with a community roundtable at the Southold Historical Society in creating a visual essay on the History of the Wine Industry on Long Island’s East End.  A visual essay  is a collection of photographs that tells the story of an event.  The “reading” of the visual essay is directed by the sequence of the photographs and how the photos relate to each other and to the person viewing them.

We will be meeting at the Ann Currie-Bell House (located at the Museum Complex across from the Southold Firehouse at  55200 Main Road, Southold) on January 17 at 6pm.  We will view and explore over 50 photographs of our wineries and vineyards to create a visual essay of the wine industry’s history.  Be a part of sharing memories and telling the story of our wineries by helping to select the photos for the exhibition.

The development of this visual essay has been made possible by a grant from the Robert David Lion Foundation (  The grant enabled the Southold Historical Society to hire David Benthal, a local professional photographer, to visit the wineries and capture their history through his camera lenses.

The Southold Historical Society and the Roundtable welcome all community members to be a part of this experience.  Share your memories and any artifacts/documents about the wine industry, which will become a part of the visual essay as well as an exhibition that will be on display at the historical society from June 2018 to October 2018.

Registration is required for this free event.  A light dinner will be served. 

Please call 631-765-5500 to register or email Karen Lund Rooney, Executive Director, at



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