Tripoli Gallery: 14th Annual Thanksgiving Collective: ‘Ourstory’

14th Annual Thanksgiving Collective: Ourstory

Salon and Potluck Dinner:
Saturday November 24, 7:30 – 10:30pm 


Tripoli Gallery is excited to announce a new type of celebration for this year’s 14th Annual Thanksgiving Collective, titled “Ourstory”. Tripoli will be hosting a potluck dinner and salon. We welcome you to join us in dining and conversation on Saturday November 24 from 7:30 to 10:30pm. Address to be provided upon RSVP and any questions feel free to ask!
“Ourstory” is based around the idea of a salon gathering; artists, friends, and patrons of the Tripoli Gallery will gather to feast and entertain, while continuing the conversation of the local art scene. With a list of topics to help start conversations, we invite our community to speak their minds and bring up subjects of excitement and concern. Recognizing the historically influential art community that we are a part of, we will continue to discuss and develop ways we want to move ahead. As a highlight, a selection of Guest Artists will also be invited to share a main point of inspiration to or within their work, giving their audiences a chance to see beyond the artworks they produce, rather observing what it is that compels them to create. In the spirit of the salon, we seek to inspire and enlighten one another, while celebrating the company we share in this singular time and place.
The Annual Thanksgiving Collective began in 2005 and has continued to be an opportunity to recognize the local art community. Showcasing a variety of artists who have previously shown with the gallery alongside new faces, the Annual Collective also introduces to the community neighboring artists who live and work both in and outside of New York state. Guest Artists invited to share their inspirations at the 14th Annual Thanksgiving Collective are Sabra Moon Elliot, Roy Fowler, Mary Heilmann, Katherine McMahon, Miles Partington, Nathalie Shepherd, Keith Sonnier, and Lucy Winton, among additional guests to be announced!


Tripoli Gallery
30A Jobs Lane, Southampton


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