— Montauk Playhouse Community Center: URGENT MESSAGE from President


This has been an exciting summer for the Montauk Playhouse Community Center Foundation. On August 4th, we held our annual fundraising Gala. This year’s theme was Celebrating Community and we chose to honor Lisa DeVeglio and Roger Feit, two individuals who have devoted themselves to our town. Their efforts have improved the lives of Montauk’s residents and visitors.
I want to share an important announcement that we made at the Gala: a generous donor has offered to match all capital campaign contributions made before August 31st, up to a total of $250,000. Each and every one of you can help us reach our goal by donating today. We have already raised $100,000 toward our matching goal, but we need your support to raise the remaining $150,000. This is a unique opportunity for your gift to have double the impact.
I’ve heard many people ask, “When are they going to build that pool?” It’s not they. It’s us. It’s everyone who feels that the citizens of Montauk, young and old, deserve a vibrant community center. We’re the ones who our going to build the pool. And as for when? The answer, with your help, is now. We have raised over 70% of the funds needed to complete construction and enjoy a finished community center by 2020. 
Permitting for the new Cultural Arts and Aquatic Centers is well underway, and we received approval from the East Hampton Zoning Board last week. We are confident that construction will begin this year.
I hope that I can count on you all in this crucial moment. Please show your support by donating to the capital campaign before August 31st. Thank you in advance. We’re going to finish this project together
Perry B. “Chip” Duryea, III, President                
Board of Directors
Perry B. Duryea III, President • Michele Walsh, Vice President • Cynthia Ibrahim, Treasurer
Nancy Elder • Marilyn Grande • Tom Griffin • Sarah Iudicone • Richard Monahan
Jeff Samuelson • Karen Thorson
Lisa Deveglio, President Emeritus • Susan Henkin, Executive Director 

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