Moran Studio: Restoration Progress-45 — November 2017




———————————– Retrospective: August 9, 2013 ———————————– 


———————————– Retrospective: March 28, 2013 ———————————– 








November 30, 2017







November 21, 2017


Moran House. Archival Photo, 1950. Courtesy of David Lamb.


Moran House. Harvey Ginsberg Postcard Collection. Courtesy of the East Hampton Library’s Long Island Collection.


Contractor: John Hummel & Associates


Chet Mitrani Plastering, LLC

Copper Crafts, Inc.

Davis Construction Building Movers

Dellapolla Landscaping & Masonry

J. Hagen Concrete

Jim Field & Sons Painting

Kolb Mechanical

Leander Arnold, Masonry

Weathervane fabricated by Robert Linker at The Irony

VISIT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

AAQ/Portfolio/Art: Thomas Moran Album

VISIT: Moran Studio, East Hampton / Historic Structure Report, 2009,

by Robert Hefner w/ Rosanne Barons


Photographs, except archival, copyright, Jeff Heatley Photography

Assigned by the Thomas Moran Trust


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