5.10/ Eastville Community Historical Society — ‘Maxine’s World’ — thru June 17


Mixed Media Powerhouse Exhibits at Heritage House

The Eastville Community Historical Society of Sag Harbor is now presenting an exhibition entitled  “MAXINE’S WORLD”, a solo mixed-media show by artist Maxine Townsend-Broderick. The show includes quilts, stained glass, sand art, paintings, etchings, drawings, and ceramics.                 
Maxine Townsend-Broderick is a retired professional photography teacher and former commercial artist. Ms. Townsend-Broderick views herself as a multimedia artist who has mastered oils, watercolor, mixed media, fabric and sand painting, mural painting, printmaking, etching, collages, photography, encaustics, sculpture, jewelry making, doll making, quilt making, web design, and stained glass. She is a member of the Long Island Black Artists’ Association, as well as the Long Island Quilters’ Society.
“The impression one comes away with after seeing this show is an unbridled celebration of invention and inspiration in the expression of the joys of everyday observation”, said Executive Director Dr. Georgette Grier-Key. “We know the Public will be enchanted with her breadth of vision.”
On view Saturdays from 1-4PM, and Wednesdays from 1-5PM. “Maxine’s World” will be up until June 17, 2017
  Eastville Community Historical Society
     139 Hampton Street
     Sag Harbor, New York

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